The school is now closed. Please check your emails and/or our news section next week for any work for children to complete while at home


25th March 2020

Message from Mrs Simmons

Hi ,

Unfortunately, the ParentPay website is having some maintenance at the moment so I will have to send the work later this evening. It will uploaded to the website now though.

We would like to encourage families to spend time looking at the QPA Blog – you are able to make comments on there. If a child is posting, please remind them to use just their first name and year group e.g. ‘Bob from Year 5’. If you want to post as a parent, please state ‘Bob from Year 5’s Mum’ etc. We want to keep everyone safe on the blog so no last names please. All posts are approved individually before they go on too so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear immediately.

The blog can be found at:

You aren’t able to put pictures in your comments, but if you email them across, I can add them on.

Hope to see lots of comments on there soon.

Best wishes,

Mrs Simmons


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