Our Staff "...the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers." Sir Michael Barber

Teaching Staff:




Mrs S Simmons


Vice Principals Mrs A Williams
Mrs L Tucker
YEAR 3 Mrs N Hannibal (Head of Year)
Mrs H Woolnough
Miss B Townsend
Mrs S Davies
YEAR 4 Miss C Lamy(Head of Year)
Mrs A Deakin
Mrs A Cavanagh
Mr D Turner
YEAR 5 Mrs T Southgate (Head of Year)
Mrs A Newman
Miss K Wren
Mrs H Johnstone
YEAR 6 Mrs S Maund (Head of Year)
Mrs A Welch/Mrs L Huson
Mrs C Baldwin
Mr A Pickett

Other teachers:

Mrs J Wallis
Mrs A Rodriguez

Support staff:

Business Team:

Mrs J Aldus (Office Manager)
                        (Finance Manager)
Mrs J Taylor (Administration and Finance Assistant)
Mrs S Bennett (Administration and Finance Assistant)
Mrs K Telling (Reprographics)

Learning Mentor:

Mr M Holloway
Mr S Stroud

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs D Abbott
Mrs D Badger
Mrs K Brockbank
Mrs R Deans
Mrs L Ellement
Mrs R Hart
Mrs S Hayward
Mrs K Ingram
Mrs D Moore
Miss A Pugh
Mrs C Powell
Mrs C Robertson
Mr J Leatherbarrow
Miss A Tagg
Mrs J Turner
Mrs D Mulrooney

Inclusion Team:

Mr T Foster (Inclusion Lead)
Mrs A Burridge (Inclusion Assistant)
Mrs D Clare (Data and Attendance Assistant)
Mrs C Lewis  (Pastoral Support)

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs K Telling (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)
Miss G Riggs
Mrs F Etheridge


Site Manager

Mr I Moore