17th October 2014

Newsletter – October 2014


Dear Parents and Carers

As we draw to the end of our first half term, I’d like to say how pleased we are with how Year 3 have settled into Queen’s Park Academy. They have learnt our procedures and are producing work of a high standard and they understand our mantra of “High Expectations lead to High Achievers”. We have found this to be a very powerful statement over the past few years and all our children truly believe in it. To all the parents and carers of our Year 3 children – welcome to our school community again.
Your first point of contact is always the class teacher. If you require further support, then please see the Head of Year (HOY). All staff are available after school to see parents, but if you require a more private conversation then please don’t hesitate to ask. Of course, I am on the gates most mornings and afternoons and, if you wish to speak to me ask at the office or telephone the school for an appointment.

We are pleased to share with you that we have an additional supplier for our school uniforms. Star Soccer, 879-881 Wimborne Road in Moordown now have stock of our jumper, ties, book bags and PE bags. We expect all children to have a school jumper and tie and we hope that having an additional supplier will make it easier for parents/carers to ensure their children have this.

In PE children will now wear t-shirts in their house colours. We realise that it’s the start of the year and that you will have already purchased a white t-shirt for your child. We will be providing every child, before half term, with a brand new PE t-shirt in their house colour, with a school logo on. Please can you ensure these are named over half term and returned back in their PE kits for the first week back. Children will be required to wear these in lessons, not a white t-shirt. Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for winter) will be worn as before. Star Soccer also stock the PE t-shirts to purchase for when their current one needs replacing.
We look forward to seeing them after half term in their new PE t-shirts and appreciate your cooperation with this. Please come and see me if you have any further questions regarding this.

Mobile Phones
As a parent myself, I understand the importance of keeping in touch with your child to help keep them safe. It is for this sole reason that we do allow children to bring a mobile phone to school with them, following certain procedures: the phone must be switched off and handed to the class teacher at the start of the day. Please support us by only allowing your child to bring a phone in if it is completely necessary. If a phone is found in school, then we will keep it safe and contact home.

Attendance is a priority at QPA as it supports educational achievement. There are proven statistics that low attendance has a direct impact on a student’s ability to learn effectively.

The school gates open at 8.40 am and the register is taken at 8.55 am. Please make sure that your child is not late for school. We have a policy of ringing home when a child is not in school and we would like to thank parents and carers who let us know when their child cannot attend. You can do so by leaving a message on 01202 526079. We aim for 100% attendance for all our pupils and the school target is for an average of 96%. We would like to ask for your support by making sure that your child attends regularly and punctually as lateness, in some cases, counts as unauthorised absence. We will be writing to all parents if their child’s attendance falls below 90%.

If your child’s absence is lengthy or if they are often absent from school for illness, we may ask you to provide medical evidence otherwise we will not be able to authorise the days off. You may like to discuss your child’s health with the School Nurse. If this is the case, please let us know and we will make an appointment for you. Remember that we are no longer able to authorise holidays during term time and having unauthorised absences is a prosecutable offence.

We thank all parents who support us in trying to achieve outstanding attendance for our school. Please consider the table below which illustrates the amount of learning time lost due to absences:

95% equates over 1 week of school missed per year
90% equates over 3 weeks of school missed per year
85% equates over 5 weeks of school missed per year
80% equates over 7 weeks of school missed per year
75% equates over 9 weeks of school missed per year

School Disco Reminder
We will be holding a Disco for all the children on Tuesday, 21st October. Years 3 and 4 will be from 4pm – 5pm and Years 5 and 6 from 5.15pm to 6.15pm. Money for tickets should be placed in an envelope clearly marked with the child’s name and class and the word “Disco” and given to your child’s class teacher. The ticket costs £2.50 or, if you would like to pre-order a hot dog, £3.50. Parents are asked to collect their child from the hall doors on the playground at the end of the school disco. Please remember to bring the hot dog token to the disco.

Staff Training Day
Please remember that Friday, 24th October is a Staff Training Day so there is no school for the children.

Dates for the Diary:

21st October – “Start of School” Disco
22nd October – Open Evening for Year 2 parents from 5.30 to 7.00pm
23rd October – Science Dome visit for Year 4
24th October – Staff Training Day
27th – 31st October – Half Term
7th November – School Photographer
18th November – Parents’ Evening
5th December – Tank Museum visit for Year 6
9th – 12th December – Hooke Court Residential Trip for Year 5
19th December – Last day of Autumn Term
5th January 2015 – Staff Training Day
6th January 2015 – Spring Term – first day back
Best wishes to all.

Yours sincerely
Mrs S Simmons
Associate Principal

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