21st July 2015

PGL Multi Activity Visit Yr 6

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are delighted to announce that we propose once again to hold the Year 6 residential visit next Summer term at PGL Multi-Activity Centre in Osmington Bay, near Weymouth. This five day visit will be from Monday, 13th June to Friday, 17th June 2016. The children will set off by coach at approximately 12:30 on the Monday and will return to school ready for collection by 3:10 pm on the Friday.

This is a marvellous opportunity for your child to take some quality time out of the classroom and make new discoveries. The five day visit is designed to help stimulate, educate and motivate pupils into getting involved in outdoor, adventurous activities.

Furthermore, the challenges brought by each activity will help towards developing the children socially, physically, emotionally and mentally and are designed to help them tackle new challenges in a safe and enjoyable environment.

A wide range of activities is available for the children, all led by fully trained instructors. Abseiling, zip wire, archery, climbing, kayaking, sailing and quad-biking are just some of the activities on offer.

The children will be accommodated in en suite, chalet-style rooms. There is an extensive child-friendly menu provided which encourages a healthy, balanced diet. All dietary needs are catered for by the centre.

The cost for this trip will be approximately £370. This reflects the nature of the activities, the quality of the accommodation and the high level of supervision from staff necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. A deposit of £40 will be required to secure a place for your child. The balance is to be paid by Friday, 29th April. If you would like to pay in instalments then please ask the Finance Manager for a payment card.

Please note that your deposit is non-refundable, unless another pupil is able to fill the vacant place.  However, if your child cannot go on the trip due to illness, the deposit (plus any other monies we have received from you) will be repaid to you in full on receipt of a doctor’s certificate.  If a child is taken ill whilst at PGL they will be looked after by our first-aiders.  However, if the first-aiders feel your child is too poorly to stay, parents will be contacted and asked to take them home.

There will be a meeting on Wednesday, 16th September at 9.00 am in the hall for all parents and children in Year 6 so that you can find out more about the visit.

If you would like your child to go to PGL Osmington Bay, please return your completed Consent Form, and deposit by Friday, 25th September.  As numbers are limited, we will work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

On receipt of full payment, you will receive an information booklet giving you further details about the visit and what to pack.

Yours sincerely


Mr P Murray

Course Leader



PGL Osmington Bay 2016

Consent Form & Deposit

 I/We would like____________________________________(child’s name) __________(Class) to participate in the residential trip to PGL Osmington Bay and enclose cash/cheque in the sum of £40 deposit.


I agree to pay any interim payments on time and the outstanding balance by Friday 29th April.


Signed _______________________________________ Parent/Carer

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