4th September 2015

Newsletter 4th September 2015


4 September 2015

Dear Parents and Carers

A huge welcome to our new children and families who have joined us for the first time this week at QPA and welcome back to the other families in the QPA community.  I hope that you have enjoyed the Summer Holidays with your friends and families and are ready, refreshed and energised for the term ahead.

We welcome some new members of staff to the QPA community, Mr Vernon in 6MV who is also the new Vice Principal for QPA, Miss Canning in 4AC,  Mrs Cavanagh in 4MC, Miss Williamson in 5JW, and Mr Vernon in 6MV.

Congratulations to Miss Kerr who got married over the Summer and is now known as Mrs McInerney in 4M and to Mrs Longhurst, our Office Manager who also got married and is now Mrs Aldus.

Mrs Wallis, Mr Murray and Mrs Hodder remain with us covering Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time across the school.

Just a few reminders for the start of the year to help make the transition from holidays to term time more ‘bearable’.

School hours: The gates open at 8.40 am and the school finishes at 3.10 pm.

School Uniform reminder:

 We expect all the children to be wearing a complete QPA uniform which is as follows:

  • Queen’s Park Academy jumper
  • White button-through shirt
  • QPA tie
  • Black trousers or black skirt  (no pinafore or summer dresses)
  • Black socks (boys), white socks or black tights (girls)
  • Black sensible school shoes
  • For PE – House T shirt, black shorts, plain dark track suit

Our Academy jumpers, ties, book bags and PE bags are only available for purchase directly from Stevensons in Southbourne or Star Soccer in Moordown.  Trousers and Shirts, can be purchased from any retailer.  PE T shirts (in house colours) are available from the front office at a cost of £4.00 each.  However, black shorts and tracksuits can be purchased from any retailer but please, no football club tracksuits or shirts.


Mr Herrington would like to thank you all for your support for the after-school and lunchtime clubs. The response has been overwhelming and most of the clubs are now at full capacity. We will be sending letters next week to confirm club start dates and arrangements. If your child didn’t get selected this half term, they have been put on a waiting list for later on in the year.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the staff who have given up their time to help with these clubs as it has enabled us to offer a wide range of clubs for all tastes and a huge number of places to many children. Our aim is to have every child in a club of their choice throughout the year

 Curriculum Inset

The staff have been planning many exciting topics and lessons for this half term and we are excited about the new National Curriculum that has been released.  We will be updating you about the changes in levelling and assessments as the term progresses but I wanted to inform you that the Academy has just been granted an additional training day in October.  This is just for our school and not the Infant Academy.  It will be on Thursday 22nd October 2015 in addition to the training day on Friday 23rd October 2015


If you haven’t already been on our website, please have a look.  The address is    We put all letters/newsletters information on the website.  They can be found in the News link on the top right hand side of the page

Mobile Phones

We understand that some of our older children do walk to or from school alone and that parents provide them with a phone to ensure they are safe.  Please provide your child’s Teacher with a letter so we are aware who has permission to have a phone to and from school.  Please note that we cannot be responsible for these phones.  Can you please remind your children that their phones must be switched off and handed to their Teachers at the start of each day.


Just a reminder about restrictions around the school.    Please note that the church car park opposite is a private car park so please do not park in there.  We want all children to arrive and leave school safely so please do not drop or collect your children in the road – we have unfortunately witnessed too many near miss accidents.

 Year 3 Reminder

Their First trip will be on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (during the school day) to Hurn Aviation Museum.

Contact Details Update

Please complete and return the slip below to confirm contact details and whether you give permission for your child to walk home alone.

All the staff at QPA look forward to working with you and are excited about the year ahead.

Best wishes, as always


Sarah Simmons

Associate Principal




Child’s name: Class:
If there has been any changes to who is listed on your child’s contact details, please complete the form below or tick to confirm that there are no changes

Please also tick if your child is allowed to walk to and from school alone
There are no changes to my child’s contact details:

My child has permission to walk to and from school alone :

Please amend my child’s records with the following information:
Adults name Relationship to child Telephone number Address

Signed: Parent/Carer…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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