1st April 2020

Year 5 – 2.4.20


Please remember, you do not have to do all the activities we are sending if you feel they are too much – pick the ones you feel are the most appropriate for you to do at home. Work can be recorded in their HW books – you do not need to print off all the tasks and answers to do the activities.

The most important thing at the moment is keeping our families safe and well and ensuring the children are feeling calm and secure. We do not want to put any more pressure on families at the moment. I empathise first hand with how difficult it is balancing everything at the moment –¬† working from home, homeschooling, entertaining the children when they aren’t working, trying to keep the house vaguely tidy and making sure everyone fed and watered! If the work we are sending out is a cause of stress at home, try focusing on keeping up their basic skills instead of the set tasks – these are the most important things to try and keep going. Here are some ideas of alternatives they could do.


Practice calculations – mental and written. Perhaps create a shop at home with pretend money where children have to ‘pay’ for their snacks and food, calculating change mentally and checking on paper.

Give them your shopping list and ask them to use a shopping website to work out costs.

Timetables Rockstars is also important as it will ensure they are reinforcing and practising tables – it is amazing how quickly they forget these!



Read any books they are interested in. Do some activities based upon these – write a summary of each chapter, draw pictures of the characters and settings and label with evidence from the text.


Write a daily diary. We have been thinking about what we would be doing if we weren’t inside and writing a diary based on this, being imaginative or the days would all be the same at the moment!

Write a report about a topic of their choice – they can use the internet or books to make some notes about the topic and then write some paragraphs about them. Eg, their favourite animal – paragraphs with titles for appearance, diet, where it lives etc.


Over the Easter Holidays we will be setting formal daily learning, however, each year group is putting together some ideas of fun activities that children could do at home, to try and keep them busy and occupied. I will send these out next Monday, so please keep an eye out for these.

Year 5 Thursday 2 April

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